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Dr. Wayne Winnick and Associates Upper East Side Chiropractic and Sports Medicine

Manhattan office:

159 East 74th Street
Suite 2, Lower Level
New York, NY 10021

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34 Bay Street
Room 206
Sag Harbor, NY 11963

T: 212-249-7790

Dr. Winnick & Associates is now offering Telemedicine appointments for new and existing patients. Please call our office for details.

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Meet the Doctors

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Dr. Wayne Winnick

Dr. Wayne Winnick

Dr. Wayne Winnick has been in practice since 1982 serving patients in the tri-state area and specialty cases from around the world. He attended Boston University and went on to do his graduate work at the New York Chiropractic College. He has done postgraduate work in sports medicine and back pain at Harvard. He also studied in China, where he learned Eastern methods for dealing with orthopedic conditions and a unique approach to the treatment of scar tissue and pain. Dr. Winnick recently developed a protocol in partnership with orthopedic surgeons for the treatment of pre- and post-surgical hip and knee pain. He continues to attend postgraduate programs and seminars to stay abreast of the newest advances in physical medicine. The emphasis of treatment is to zero in on the cause of your condition. Dr. Winnick has also served as an editor for The Journal of Myofascial Therapy. Dr. Winnick has successfully treated people from all over the world and has served as one of the doctors for the New York City Marathon, the New York Mets, and Ballet Academie East. He is board certified in Sports Medicine, Active Release Technique®, Graston Technique®, in the revolutionary new technique developed by orthopedists (Stecco et. al.) in Italy, FM. Dr. Winnick has appeared on numerous TV shows, newspaper and magazine articles and has been featured in New York Magazine.
Dr. Leon Aibinder

Dr. Leon Aibinder

Dr. Leon Aibinder graduated as a doctor from New York Chiropractic College and completed his undergraduate studies at SUNY Binghamton with a BA in Biology. Through his passion for sports medicine and injury prevention, Dr. Aibinder has always been on the cutting edge and continues to complement his traditional chiropractic practice with advanced and innovative techniques He is board certified in Active Release Technique, Graston Techniques and also a board Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (CCSP). In addition, he is board eligible for a Diplomate in Rehabilitation.

Dr. Aibinder is a well-respected instructor of ART seminars throughout the United States and Canada and has taught thousands of doctors and physical therapists. His expertise in understanding movement dysfunction, muscular imbalances and postural problems gives him a thorough analysis and perspective that many doctors lack in functional orthorpedics. Recently, he was certified in Advanced SFMA, Titleist Performance Golf Instructor, and DNS (Dynamic Neuromusculoskeletal Stabilization). Dr. Aibinder’s scope of practice is very diverse and has treated professional, collegiate and amateur athletes (as well as the couch potatoe!) or those just looking to get back in shape. There is no reason for pain to slow you down and keep you from doing what you love to do! After a careful consultation and examination he will explain what he believes are your issues and make his recommendations. Treatment usually begins that same day!

Dr. Aibinder focuses his time on advancing his knowledge on the latest research (evidence-based medicine) and cutting-edge techniques in order to create specific and individual treatment programs that could either improve your results in your sport, get you back into shape or get you out of pain. His clinical areas of interest are connecting the foot/ankle complex with lower back/hip pain, neck, shoulder and elbow conditions, and weakness of your core muscles and pain that has been resistant to orthopedic or physical therapy treatments. Nothing brings him greater satisfaction than improving his patients ability to move well and fluid. He is married with 2 children and resides in Brooklyn.
Dr. John Schneider

Dr. John Schneider

Dr. S has been practicing with Dr.Winnick and Associates since 1999. Dr S received his undergraduate degree in Environmental Health from Stockton University and his D.C. from Logan Chiropractic College in 1998. He is also board eligible for his diplomate in chiropractic rehabilitation. Following graduate school he completed a 6 month internship with Dr. Michael Leahy, developer of Active Release Techniques, in Colorado Springs at their research center. He later became an instructor for Active Release Seminars and has been one of their lead instructors since 1998-teaching thousands of chiropractors, physical therapists, and physicians throughout the U.S. He has co-authored "Active Release Techniques for the Cervical Spine with Dr Leahy in an important medical school text, "Conservative management of Cervical Spine Syndromes" by Donald Murphy, D.C. Dr S is also certified in Motion Palpation and Graston Techniques. He is a contributing writer for "Be Ironfit" and "Mastering the Marathon", and has served previously on the board of advisors for "Men's Fitness Magazine".

Dr S appeared as a guest lecturer at the Rusk Institute for rehabilitation at the NYU Medical Center. In addition, he has been a consultant for teams in the NFL, MLB, NBA, MLS, and a variety of Olympic teams and has treated a wide spectrum of athletes, from weekend warriors to professional athletes as well as celebrities in many fields. Currently, Dr S is a team chiropractor and soft tissue specialist for the NY Jets and is a proud member of our "performance care" team that Winnick and Associates has provided for over 30 years to the sports and orthopedic community.
Dr. Rachel Skolnick

Dr. Rachel Skolnick

Dr. Skolnick joined Dr. Winnick and Associates in March of 2016. She has been an integral member of this treatment team and is the “go to” doctor for the more complex orthopedic conditions. Dr. Skolnick Graduated from New York Chiropractic College in 2015. She completed her undergraduate degree at Indiana University with a B.S. in Kinesiology. She is trained in IASTM and Certified in ConnecTX, Nimmo, Stecco, and Active Release Technique (ART). She’s also been awards Advanced Certifications in Sports Science and Human Performance, from NYCC.

In additional to her professional practice related activities, Dr. Skolnick has provided clinical support for multiple community outreach programs including: the Strangers NYC Volleyball tournament, the Tour De Cure Bike Race, and numerous Diabetes related walks and events.

Dr. Skolnick specializes in sports injuries and the treatment of athletes of every age and performance level. Her patients represent a wide range of professional boxers and MMA fighters, Olympic athletes, college athletes, and both major and minor league baseball players.

Dr. Skolnick has always had a passionate love of sports, and she’s been well respected as a three-sport competitor throughout her life. As a byproduct of her activities, she’d often sought out chiropractic care to assure that her performance was always at its highest level... and it’s those very benefits that she’d derived, that she so competently and professionally passes along to others.

As a sports related chiropractor and based on own her firsthand experience, Dr. Skolnick’s mission is to educate her patients as to the benefits of chiropractic care, in terms of both maintaining an active healthy lifestyle, and in supporting their peak athletic performance. She has both earned, and enjoys her reputation as a progressive clinician employing the latest techniques and best practice methodologies in terms of non-invasive evidence based treatments and modalities.

We've worked with or have treated athletes from the NY Giants, NY Mets, NYC Road Runners, Ironman, Hampton Marathon, and more:

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