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Hand Numbness

Hand numbness can be caused by many different conditions and usually involves excessive never tension or a vascular nerve issue.

Numbness in the hand can be caused by an issue with the cervical spine, the thoracic outlet, or between different muscles in the arm.

A variety of activities can cause hand numbness including using a computer or mouse, sleeping on your arm, injury falling while holding onto a railing, or sitting with poor posture.

Our Approach

Since hand numbness can come from a variety of structures it is imperative to identify the true cause and not just treat the symptoms. While pain management and symptomatic relief are important, improving overall function is vital to permanent results.

Our trained physicians will evaluate each area from your cervical spine to your shoulder, elbow, wrist, and down to your hands.

If additional testing is needed, x-ray, diagnostic ultrasound, MRI, and possibly EMG will be scheduled. Soft tissue treatments and improvements to the joint mechanics are essential for proper healing and comfortable resumption of your normal activities.
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