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Groin Injuries/Groin Pain

Groin pain is localized to the lower abdomen and top or inner thigh where it meets the pelvis. Groin injury can also cause pain in the genitalia.

Groin injuries are common in runners, hockey players, soccer players, and fencers. There can be many causes of groin pain besides muscle injury. Other groin conditions include femoroacetabular impingement syndrome, labral tears, sports hernia, and hip flexor tendon injuries.

Our Approach

Traditionally, patients with groin pain are advised to ice, stretch, and rest. However, more often than not, a return to activity re-irritates the original groin injury.

We perform a careful analysis of the complete core and lower extremity to determine what tissues and joints need to be treated.

A variety of manual procedures can be used for treatment of groin injuries such as Active Release Technique® or Fascial Manipulation (to reduce the scarring/adhesions) to facilitate proper healing before the strengthening process begins.

In addition, imaging might be performed to rule out a labral tear or hip impingement.
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