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Hamstring Injury

Hamstring Injury TreatmentThe hamstring muscles are comprised of 3 parts, originating from the sit bone and inserting onto the back of the knee.

Often pain is felt at the base of the buttock or the center of the back of the thigh, and sitting is particularly painful. Hamstring pulls can be very painful and can result in limping and even bruising that extends all the way down the leg.

These injuries can with any physical exertion, whether over stretching in yoga or running to catch a taxi! Sometimes diagnostic ultrasound or MRI tests are ordered to assess the extent of the hamstring injury.

Our Approach

Frequently, we find an imbalance in the hip flexors or the calf muscles that have put unnatural strain and tightness on the hamstrings.

In addition, there can be sciatic nerve entrapment in the hip muscles or the hamstrings that can mimic the pain of those conditions. Sacroiliac joint dysfunction is another finding that can contribute to hamstring injuries.

We will perform an in-depth exam and zero in on the mechanical elements of your hamstring injury, design a rehab plan custom to your needs.

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