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Scapular Pain

Shoulder pain treatmentThe scapula is often referred to as the shoulder blade. Biomechanically, the shoulder blade goes through a variety of different motions as it glides on the thoracic spine.

Problems with shoulder blade pain arise when the scapula loses its connection to the thoracic spine, referred to as a scapular dyskinesia (altered movement). With previous injuries and current overuse injuries like sitting at a computer, frequent travel, or talking on the phone, the scapula can suffer tendonitis or pinched nerves. Shoulder blade pain can occur when at rest or with movement.

Our Approach

We will diagnose the cause of your shoulder blade pain and determine whether it is local or referred from your cervical spine. The cause of your shoulder pain may be caused by a winging scapula, old rotator cuff injury, or cervical disc herniation.

Following a careful history, postural assessment, orthopedic testing, and neurological evaluation to rule out other causes, our unique soft tissue evaluation of the periscapular muscles will detect any trigger points or muscle adhesions that can contribute to hindered movement of your scapula.

Your personalized treatment program may consist of Fascial Manipulation, Active Release Technique®, Trigger Point Therapy, Transverse cross friction massage, ergonomic advice, and/or spinal manipulation. As the soft tissue begins to heal, rehabilitative and corrective exercise will be integrated to restore the normal movement of the scapula, placing it in its optimal position for efficient, pain-free movement.

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