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Ankle Sprains

Ankle Sprains Physical Therapy NYC

A lateral (outside) ankle sprain is perhaps the most common sports injury. With a sprained ankle the surrounding musculature tightens like a splint to protect the damaged ligaments. This places strain on these muscles that can impair function long after the pain and swelling subside. Ligaments can be slackened, leaving the joints less stable. Worse still, balance and stability can be compromised long-term.

Our Approach

Typically, ankle sprains have a high rate of re-injury. However, if the patient receives proper therapy, the damage of an ankle sprains can be effective rehabilitated for lasting strength and stability.

Our manual therapies, including Trigger Point Therapy, Active Release Technique®, Fascial Manipulation, and Graston Technique®, restore normal elasticity and tensile strength to the compromised tissues.

Once a stable foundation is established, balance exercises are used to integrate those changes into muscle memory. Treating the soft tissues first allows the rehabilitative exercises to reinvigorate pre-injury muscle memory.
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We've worked with or have treated athletes from the NY Giants, NY Mets, NYC Road Runners, Ironman, Hampton Marathon, and more:

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