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Piriformis Syndrome

The piriformis muscle is a hip rotator that can often cause entrapment of the sciatic nerve due to anatomical variation or muscle spasm.

Piriformis syndrome symptoms can mimic a herniated disc or nerve root compression with buttock pain, thigh pain, and leg pain. An MRI may not reveal the origin of the pain and misdiagnosis can occur without thorough exploration by a spinal expert.

Our Approach

Using our completely unique examination we are able to zero in on the cause of your pain.

Piriformis syndrome is frequently treated with anti-inflammatories, electrical stimulation, stretching, hip strengthening exercised, or manipulation of the spine.

Unfortunately, these therapies do not address the adhesions or scarring within the connective tissue fascia or the muscles that cause hip tightness and poor biomechanics of the hip and pelvic girdle. Often, gait analysis is required to further understand this condition. Issues with lower leg mechanics can also influence proper function of the sacrum, hip, and pelvis.

We are experts in the assessment and treatment of piriformis syndrome and achieve excellent results for our patients.

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