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Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Thoracic Outlet SyndromeThoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS) is characterized by a compression of the artery, vein, brachial plexus at the scalenes (muscles of the neck), or pectoralis minor part of the axilla (under your armpit).

Symptoms may include heaviness in hands or numbness and tingling in the hands.

Poor posture, overexertion during exercise, and improper breathing habits can aggravate Thoracic Outlet Syndrome by causing further compression of your neurovascular bundle.

Scar tissue build-up after mastectomy surgery can also cause TOS symptoms that result in increased swelling of the arm.

Our Approach

After diagnosis of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS) is made, we will provide a treatment plan that addresses strengthening and stretching, coordinated with proper breathing habits.

Treatment will include Active Release Technique®, Graston Technique®, Fascial manipulation, and spinal manipulation to restore the proper balance of tissue tension.
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