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Elbow Pain

Elbow Pain Treatment NYCElbow pain can be very frustrating and can be irritated by simple things such things as opening a door, carrying a purse or briefcase, lifting an object, or working out.

The elbow is controlled by muscles from humerus above it and the forearm below it, requiring the examination of multiple structures for accurate diagnosis.

Overuse elbow injuries can alter the texture and quality of the muscles and cause tendons to weaken. If the activity exceeds the capacity of the muscle or tendon, inflammation and injury will occur. Sports with a high rate of elbow injuries are racquet sports, golf, martial arts, weight lifting, housework and good old fashioned keyboard and mouse work.

Our Approach

Since elbow pain can have many causes it can be difficult to treat. The elbow is made up of three bones:  the humerus, the radius, and the ulna. How these bones move and function are dependent on the stability and position of the scapula and humerus. Rest and self-treatments can be effective for reducing pain, but the biomechanical issues must be treated and improved to prevent the symptoms from returning.

Careful evaluation of the cervical spine, the thoracic spine, the scapula, the humerus, and the wrist must be done. Once the dysfunction is identified, the most effective soft tissue technique will be used to treat the condition.

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