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Calf Tear/Achilles Tendonitis

Calf Tear/Achilles TendonitisCalf and Achilles injuries are usually the result of small traumas that build and worsen over time.

Sometimes, an Achilles Tendon tear can be significant enough to be felt or even heard and results in a pronounced limp.

Delayed treatment can cause problematic functional changes to occur, including hypertrophy (thickening) of the Achilles tendon.

Most rehab centers rely on stretching, strengthening, and various electrical stimulation modalities, like ultrasound. While these tools are effective for some, results can be limited without the inclusion of manual therapies.

Our Approach

We specialize in Trigger Point therapy to open up the muscles and restore their elasticity and tensile strength.

Transverse Friction technique has a similar affect on the tendons by breaking down the brittle and inflexible scar tissue that gathers around the site of irritation.

Active Release Technique® frees up the independent motion of gliding structures that the glue-like scar tissue binds together.

Cutting-edge Fascial Manipulation changes the way force translates through the body. Our proficiency in these and other modalities gives our patients unrivaled results.
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