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Lumbar Stenosis/Spinal Stenosis

Lumbar Stenosis/Spinal StenosisLumbar stenosis, or spinal stenosis, is a painful lower back condition can occur from the acute strain of lifting a heavy object or as a slowly evolving condition over time.

Herniated disc symptoms include deep lower back pain, sharp pain in the buttocks, hamstring pain, and/or leg pain.

You may have difficulty changing positions or sitting comfortably for more than a few minutes at a time.

Lumbar disc herniations include:

  • bulging discs
  • lumbar disc stenosis
  • umbar disc herniations with nerve root compression

Our Approach

Once lumbar stenosis has been diagnosed through MRI, the integrity and stability of the spine will be evaluated along with your movement patterns.

Depending on the presentation of your stenosis we may use Cox decompression therapy, soft tissue mobilization, and corrective exercises to restore core strength and stability. We will discuss your case with your healthcare team to fully integrate your treatment.
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