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Failed Back Surgery

Failed back surgery syndrome is characterized by severe symptoms post-spinal surgery. Often the patient may not have been the right candidate for spinal surgery in the first place.

Other impediments to recovery from back surgery include recurrent or residual disc herniation or a failure to fully correct the structural source of pain during surgery. Epidural fibrosis, a build up of scar tissue around the spinal nerves, is common post-surgery, but not a direct cause of failed back surgery syndrome.

Our Approach

Taking into account the type of back surgery you had, we will evaluate each of your symptoms and focus on corrective measures. A thorough orthopedic, neurological, and musculoskeletal exam will be performed to zero in on your pain source.

Our unique application of Cox spinal decompression therapy improves the disk space between the spine, while electrotherapeutics to reduce pain will be combined with soft tissue therapies such as Active Release Technique®, Graston Technique®, Transverse Cross Friction Massage, Fascial ManipulationCold LaserEPAT, or Trigger Point Therapy to break down scar tissue and remove chronics strain.

Further imaging may be necessary to rule out pathologic processes.

Traditional therapies such as physical therapy, rest, ice, and pain medications are helpful in alleviating symptoms of lower back pain in the short term, but often fail to solve your condition.

Mitigating factors such as chronic muscle strain, pain from surgical scar tissue, and fascial adhesions that were not corrected prior to surgery will be addressed by our spinal experts.

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