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Post-Surgical Knee Pain and Knee Stiffness

Hamstring Injury TreatmentIt is not unusual to experience post-surgical pain, swelling, and stiffness after knee surgery. However, if these conditions persist beyond a few months there could be a problem.

Returning to your surgeon is the first step and you may opt for a second opinion. Soft tissue adhesions, chronic muscular strain, or post surgical scarring are usually to blame for limited recovery.

If your knee surgery was deemed a success, but you are disappointed with the results, there is an excellent chance you could be greatly improved through our expert modalities.

Our Approach

It's all too common to have a patient come to our office with knee pain and swelling after knee surgery. Many times patients are referred to us by the surgeon who performed their procedure, while others come to us out of frustration with their lack of progress in physical therapy.

We have helped thousands of post-surgical knee patients achieve remarkable success.

We have pioneered a number of unique procedures that target and treat these offending areas. Reduction of swelling, stiffness, and pain follow and soon after you will be able to resume your strengthening program with a physical therapist or trainer.

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