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Post-Surgical Pain

Post Surgical RecoveryWith advancements in imagery and less invasive surgical procedures, patients are receiving better surgical care with improved outcomes and faster recovery.

Some fundamentals, however, remain unchanged. Targeted and appropriate post-surgical rehabilitation is critical to full recovery. Our expert partnership with your surgeon can help you bounce back from surgery faster, safer, and more effectively.

Our Approach

Much of our post-surgical support involves scar tissue therapy. Scar tissue is simply fibrous proteins that were not made by a cell, but by a magnificent chain reaction in the fluid outside the cell.

When scar tissue forms fibers, like that which your tendons and ligaments are made of, appear and reconnect what had been set apart. Unfortunately, scar tissue is less elastic and can be more pain sensitive when strained.

Just after your surgery we make sure the supporting tissues are working as well as they can to minimize the stress on the fibers. While the scar tissue is still flexible, we use this golden opportunity to improve related soft tissue and ultimately restore function and reduce pain.

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We work with or have treated athletes from the following entities:

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