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IT Band Syndrome

Iliotibial Band Syndrome is named for its anatomical location. The IT band is a band of thick fibrous tissue extending from the outside of the hip to the outside (lateral) of the knee.

When this band is irritated, pain can occur anywhere from the hip to the side of the thigh, but it most commonly appears on the side of the knee. It is not unusual to hear a clicking sound, with or without pain, when the knee bends and straightens where the band inserts.

Our Approach

What is unique about IT Band Syndrome is that it is almost always the effect, not the cause of a problem. Our exam will look closely at your entire mechanical chain from your lower back to your foot.

When there a mechanical deficit is present, this area is often the recipient of the stress; however, the key to successful treatment is to identify all areas and treat them appropriately.

Traditional treatment centers around the IT Band insertion of the knee with surgeries, ultrasound, or other modalities such as injections. The reason these often fail is because they do not take into account the whole picture with a thorough gait analysis or attention to faulty foot mechanics (such old ankle or foot injuries that were never properly treated). Iliotibial Band Syndrome is common with runners and cyclists.
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