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Frozen Shoulder

Frozen Shoulder TreatmentFrozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis is a very painful condition, though often patients are unaware of how the injury occurred.

Most common in women over age 30, frozen shoulder is characterized by joint inflammation in its earliest stage. Over time the inflammation causes fibrosis, which ultimately limits shoulder movement.

Getting dressed and even sleeping can become very difficult with frozen shoulder pain and stiffness. As the shoulder becomes more “frozen” patients notice more and more restrictions in their daily life and without adequate treatment the condition can continue for months or even years.

Our Approach

Treating frozen shoulder can be very complex and often anti-inflammatories and physical therapy yield poor results. Cortisone shots can also have limited impact on alleviating shoulder pain from adhesive capsulitis.

When treating frozen shoulder, we direct therapy to both the musculature and the joint. Soft tissue treatments such as Active Release Technique®, Fascial Manipulation, and Graston Technique® are integrated with critical joint mobilization. As the patient improves, therapeutic exercises and stretches are added to restore full, pain-free activity as soon as possible.

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