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Mid Back Pain/Upper Back Pain

Mid Back Pain/Upper Back PainThe mid back area is referred to as the thoracic spine. Mid back pain can occur from too little movement or as referred pain from a condition of the neck.

Localized back pain often affects those who sit at a computer for long periods of time with a forward head carriage. This unnatural position of leaning forward causes excessive force on the shoulder and mid back, the area between the shoulder blades, and results in muscle imbalances and strain.

Weakness in the mid back and front neck muscles can occur, as well as tightness in the pecs and muscles behind the neck. Occasionally, some of the nerves between the shoulder blades may become compressed and painful.

Our Approach

The challenge in treating mid back pain is to differentiate whether it is referred pain from the cervical spine or localized pain.

With careful attention to the patient’s history and an assessment of posture, joint mechanics, orthopedic, and neurological conditions we conduct a thorough evaluation.

We will also diagnose any muscle imbalances that you may have and adjust your ergonomics accordingly. Once the cause of your mid back pain is accurately diagnosed, treatment will consist of electrotherapies, stretching, spinal manipulation, and soft tissue therapies such as Active Release Techniques®, Graston Technique®, Transverse Cross Friction Massage, Fascial Manipulation, or Trigger Point Therapy to the strained areas.

In addition, imaging such as x-ray, diagnostic ultrasound, EMG, or MRI may be considered to rule out any pathologic process. Spinal manipulation alone usually only provides transient relief and specific soft tissue therapies and corrective movements are needed to re-align, reset, and restore the damaged tissue.

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