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New York Chiropractor and Premier Sports Injury Rehabilitation for Non-Surgical Pain Relief

Proven Expertise, Customized Care

With over 50 years of combined experience in diagnosing and treating the most difficult orthopedic conditions, over 90% of our patients experience outstanding recovery results through our highly-effective, conservative treatments. We customize your recovery by zeroing in on the source of your pain, injury, or chronic condition with the most comprehensive evaluation you've ever had.

NYC Sports Medicine and
Chiropractic Treatment

Our doctors work with professional athletes and weekend warriors at all performance levels, and are renowned in the field of sports medicine. Running injuries, squash and tennis conditions (shoulder pain, Tennis Elbow, and wrist tendonitis), yoga and pilates strains, as well as other athletic conditions are treated with great success in our office. Spinal manipulation, soft tissue treatment, and spinal decompression are part of our integrated approach.

Post Surgical Treatment

We have a unique expertise in accelerating recovery from post-surgical pain, swelling, and stiffness. Patients recovering from knee surgeries such as ACL reconstruction, meniscal repairs, and hip surgeries such as labral and impingement repairs, benefit from our tailored and highly specific soft tissue treatment. Many of the most respected orthopedic surgeons in NYC send their patients to our office for post-op care to achieve optimal results that surpass physical therapy alone.

Chronic Conditions and Pain Relief

By identifying and addressing your underlying mechanical conditions, we effectively treat low back pain and neck pain, hip pain and sciatica, knee injuries and ankle injuries, as well as other spinal conditions, at the source for optimal recovery and re-injury prevention.

We work with or have treated athletes from the following entities:

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