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Hip Impingement

Hip impingement diagnosis and treatment NYCHip impingement, also known as femoroacetabular impingement (FAI), is a condition of abnormal and wearing contact between the ball and socket of the hip joint. This is due to either extra bone growth of the femoral head (CAM) or of the acetabulum (pincer), resulting in increased friction during hip movements and joint damage.

Patients often complain of pain in the groin after prolonged sitting or walking.

Many athletes often describe pain in the groin with deep flexion or rotation of the hip during activity. Occasionally, a popping or clicking in the front of the hip is described. Pain may also radiate along the side of the thigh and in the buttocks

Our Approach

Hip impingement is usually treated with rest, anti-inflammatory medications, activity modification, physical therapy, and steroid injections. These are all good modalities, but they rarely address the mechanical deficits that develop in parallel to the impingement deformity.

After working closely with hip surgeons and pre- and post-surgical patients we have discovered groundbreaking procedures for reducing hip pain.

Our techniques focus on the areas of poor muscle and tendon integrity, adhesions, densifications, and other soft tissue malfunctions that contribute to a poorly supportive mechanical environment. We often work with our patients’ physical therapists for fully integrated care. In some instances, surgery may be necessary.
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