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Arm Numbness

Numbness is described as the loss of sensation of a part or whole of the body. Hand numbness and arm numbness can occur centrally, from the cervical spine (neck) or peripherally from outside the neck towards the hand.

Shaking or moving the arm or hand may temporarily alleviate the numbness by releasing pressure from the compressed nerve.

Radiating hand pain along the thumb side or pinky side can be misdiagnosed as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, but may actually be due to a problem from the cervical spine.

Symptoms of arm numbness or hand numbness may be accompanied by arm weakness and/or hand pain.

Our Approach

Our main goal is to detect isolate the location of the nerve compression. We will treat the precise origin of your arm pain or numbness with electrotherapies, stretching, spinal manipulation and soft tissue therapies: Active Release Technique®, Graston Technique®, Transverse Cross Friction Massage, Fascial Manipulation, or Trigger Point Therapy.

In addition, imaging such as x-ray, diagnostic ultrasound, EMG and MRI, and blood work may be considered by the physician to rule out any pathologic process.

Our expert use of specific soft tissue therapies and corrective movements will improve circulation and restore normal spinal and muscle movements, ultimately reducing the symptoms of arm and hand numbness.

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